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An extraordinary 5-day journey of

self-discovery, transformation and healing. 

The Warrior's Path Retreat is dedicated to guiding men on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing. We harness the profound wisdom of nature, ancient practices and brotherhood to unlock the deep reservoirs of inner strength and intuition within each individual.


Our mission is to create a sanctuary where men can confront and liberate themselves from past burdens, awaken to their true potential and forge a path of authentic living and purposeful contribution to their communities and the world. We commit to fostering a space of deep connection and growth, where every man is empowered to emerge as his most radiant and authentic self.

and yoga

SWEAT LODGE and coldwater therapy

healing nutrition
and nature immersion

kambo and inner work processes






22nd to 26th of August 2024

You have the option to reach out to connect on a call with one of the facilitators and

ask any additional questions before securing your space or

you can go directly to secure your space now.


Our Story: From Crisis to Awakening

Three retired professional rugby players who represented South Africa, Wales and Scotland at the highest levels, each of whom, after retiring from their adrenaline fuelled rugby careers, faced profound personal crises. 

Struggling with loss of identity, physical and mental health challenges, depression, addiction and financial hardships, they each embarked on a solitary path of healing. Driven by their darkest moments, life led them back to the nurturing embrace of nature. Together they will guide you on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and healing.


Former Scottish International

Rugby Union Player

Meet Rory, a former Scottish international rugby player turned holistic healing guide. 

After a career-ending injury in 2013, Rory embarked on a transformative health journey. Overcoming severe physical and emotional challenges through natural therapies and plant medicine, he discovered a profound path of healing and self-discovery. Today, Rory co-leads CAIM, a healing sanctuary in the Scottish Highlands, where he combines ancient wisdom and modern therapy to empower others in their wellness journeys.


Former South African International

Rugby Union Player

Meet Joe, a former South African international rugby player and Hall Of Fame inductee for Toulon, turned life coach, ceremonial bodyworker and holistic health mentor.

With a passion for bringing spiritual frameworks into reality, he excels in space holding, facilitating transformational retreats and guiding others to remember who they are.  He intends to being part of the ripple effect we get to cultivate together as a community, so we can inspire one another to keep on growing and transforming into what is meant for us on a deep soul level.

Former Welsh International

Rugby Union Player

Meet Rhys, former Welsh international rugby player turned inspirational speaker, charity co-founder, mentor and breathwork practitioner. After a career ending heart attack Rhys navigated a challenging journey through alcoholism and near death experiences. Now 4 years sober he draws on his profound life lessons and breathwork to guide others on a journey of self discovery and transformation.




Our individual journeys involved exploring natural healing

modalities, indigenous medicine wisdom, breathwork,

meditation and healing nutrition. These transformative experiences

led to not only physical and mental healing but to revealing our

unique purposes and gifts.


An Immersive Retreat Experience


We have united to offer "The Warrior's Path," a 5-day immersive men's retreat in the serene Perthshire Highlands. Limited to 12 participants, this retreat is designed to guide you through a transformational healing experience, encompassing:



Sweat lodges serve as a profound holistic tool, blending physical detoxification, mental rejuvenation, and spiritual enlightenment. This ancient practice, rooted in indigenous traditions, offers a sanctuary for individuals to connect deeply with themselves, their community, and the natural world. Through the transformative power of fire and earth, participants emerge purified, refreshed, and more aligned with their inner wisdom. Embracing the sweat lodge experience is to embrace a journey of healing, self-discovery, and communal harmony, honoring the timeless wisdom of our ancestors.



Meditation is a profound practice that nurtures mental clarity, emotional calm, and physical relaxation. Through various techniques of mindfulness and focused attention, it allows individuals to delve into a state of deep peace and heightened awareness. This practice fosters self-discovery, reduces stress and anxiety, and enhances overall well-being. Regular meditation leads to increased concentration, emotional stability, and a greater sense of harmony with the surrounding world. It is an invaluable tool for anyone seeking to cultivate a tranquil mind, a compassionate heart, and a life of mindful presence.



Kambo is a traditional healing ritual, acclaimed for its potent therapeutic effects. Originating from the Amazonian indigenous cultures, it involves the application of the Kambo frog's secretion to small burns on the skin. This practice is highly regarded for its ability to cleanse the body, significantly boost the immune system, and enhance physical endurance. Many adherents report remarkable improvements in mental clarity and energy levels. Kambo is sought after for its effectiveness in treating various health conditions, reducing pain, and fostering emotional resilience. Engaging in Kambo therapy is a commitment to deep, holistic healing, offering profound physical and psychological benefits.



Breathwork is a powerful and transformative practice, designed to enhance mental clarity, emotional balance, and physical well-being. By focusing on controlled breathing techniques, individuals can access deeper states of consciousness, release stress, and unlock emotional blockages. This practice promotes relaxation, reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression, and aids in self-discovery and personal growth. Breathwork is a tool for anyone seeking to improve their overall health and achieve a harmonious balance between mind, body, and spirit, making it a vital component of holistic self-care.



Cold water therapy is a revitalizing practice, known for its remarkable benefits to physical health and mental resilience. By immersing in cold water, individuals stimulate their body's natural healing processes, enhancing circulation, reducing inflammation, and strengthening the immune system. This practice also builds mental toughness and emotional fortitude, as it teaches the mind and body to remain calm and adaptive under stress. Ideal for athletes, wellness enthusiasts, and anyone seeking to invigorate their daily routine, cold water therapy not only refreshes the body but also sharpens the mind, fostering a sense of vitality, clarity, and invigorated well-being.



Experience the transformative power of detoxification at our men's retreat with our specially designed sauna sessions. In the warmth of the sauna, your body naturally sweats out toxins, cleansing itself in a process that rejuvenates and refreshes. This detoxification is essential for maintaining health, aiding in the removal of impurities that accumulate in everyday life. The sauna's heat encourages deeper circulation, which not only helps in flushing out toxins but also brings nutrients to tissues, enhancing overall bodily functions. The intense heat sharpens mental focus, builds endurance, and promotes a deep sense of rejuvenation. Regular sauna use can lead to , improved organ function and a strengthened immune system. The sauna experience is not just about relaxation, but about purifying your body, clearing your mind, and revitalizing your health.


22nd to 26th of August 2024

You have the option to reach out to connect on a call with one of the facilitators and ask any additional questions before securing your space or you can go directly to secure your space now.


Held at CAIM, pronounced | KY-EM, the retreat space is an immersive sanctuary located amongst 5 acres of private woodland, in the Highlands of Perthshire, Scotland. Only 1.5 hours from both Edinburgh and Glasgow by car,

transport links are also available by train and bus from the major cities. 

Accommodation is included, split between CAIM's woodland accommodation cabin and

an impressive yurt located in the grounds. Both spaces welcoming shared occupancy in an open plan setting.

No private accommodation will be available.

Brotherhood as Medicine: Empowering and Connecting

Our retreat is built on the belief that brotherhood is a powerful medicine and connection is the cure. We aim to empower you to implement life-changing modalities, connecting you to your innate wisdom and the intelligence of your heart. This connection fosters a deeper bond with yourself, your family, community, and life itself.


Rhys brings a transformative and insightful approach to personal growth and wellness. Since starting to work with Rhys 6 months ago, to engage in breathwork and coaching, I’ve noticed positive and steady improvement overall well-being, stress management and quality of life in and out of work.  I recommend Rhys to anyone interested in unlocking their potential, not just focusing on the practice of breath-work but taking positive steps in the journey of personal growth.

Paul D

Join Us on This Transformative Path

Embark on this journey with us, where each day is an opportunity for renewal. Let your intuitive heart be the compass guiding you to a more meaningful and connected existence.


Together, we will explore self-discovery and empowerment, fostering a deep connection to self, community and the natural world.

Following your submission of the following enquiry form one of the facilitators will reach out to arrange a connection call. 

Thanks for enquiring! We will reach out to arrange a call shortly.

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